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Miami wedding photographers Alex Fagundo, Paul Soucy and Bianca Blackshaw specialize in documentary style photography for your wedding. Our approach is to capture moments as they happen resulting in images that are alive with emotional content and tell a visual story of elusive memories taken throughout the wedding day.

We serve our clients with a boutique approach that places customer service and communication above all things, all while delivering the best award-winning wedding images Miami has to offer.

At Soul Echo Studios, we place value on real emotions rather than staged, artificial photography. Your wedding will be full of unexpected moments that fly by in an instant and can be quickly forgotten or lost if not captured properly. It is our job as your wedding photographers and documentarians to capture each of those memories in a way that is organic and unobtrusive. We want to photograph every feeling, every tear, every laugh that is part of your wedding story.

The compliment we hear most often from our wedding clients is that we captured all of the emotion of their day without them realizing we were even there. We prefer for moments to develop organically rather than forcing them. Whether your wedding takes place in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, the Caribbean or beyond, we hope to be a part of it and capture those moments for you.

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