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Back in February our website crashed and we had to move it to a different server.  In that process we lost many of our posts and due to the fact that we were so slammed shooting weddings almost non-stop, we couldn’t catch up with re-posting or adding new blog entries.  We finally caught a break now for summer and we will be investing a lot of time into re-doing all of this.  Stay tuned for lots and lots of work!

Just received 2 international awards from the Wedding Photojournalism Association (WPJA). I love these two images and I am so proud they were recognized at this competition. I hope you like them.

This image placed top 10 internationally for best bridal party portrait. I took this at a bar in Fort Lauderdale a few minutes before the reception started.

This image placed top 20 internationally in the “getting ready” category. Love the interaction of the kids.

I took this photo last March at Amanda and Andrew’s wedding. Still in love with it. Still gets me emotional. Happy to see others feel it too.

This is a snapshot using my phone from Vegas where the photo is currently displayed at the gallery.

award winning photo wppi

award winning photo wppi

I, Alex Fagundo, have been photographing weddings under the name Candidly Elegant Photography for the past 7 years. Since that time the business has grown tremendously and changed in many ways. I went from photographing a handful of weddings in 2005 and 2006 to photographing an average of 30-35 weddings a year since then. At this point I’ve photographed about 200 weddings and I have loved all my experiences with all the amazing couples. My vision for my company has not changed really; to capture the moments of a wedding day with little to no intervention so as to respect the authenticity of the emotion and tell a complete visual story of the wedding. The name Candidly Elegant seemed to fit the bill at that point in time. Over the years a few things started to bother me.

1. The name sounded old fashioned, while my images were (are) very modern.
2. The name was hard to pronounce and hard to spell.
3. The name was being confused for other companies that have the word “elegant” or “candid” in the name. There are 100s of these companies and I did not want to associate myself with any of them.

Many people told me to name the business after myself and that is definitely something I considered, but again…that’s the easy way out. That’s what everyone else does. I also don’t want to be the focus of the name. Its not about me. I am here to serve my clients. I don’t want to be the center of the universe. I wanted a name that would reflect my vision and not be about me. I wanted a name that would be:

1. Modern and fresh
2. Short
3. Easy to say
4. Easy to spell

In thinking about the vision of my photographs, I wanted to convey the authenticity of the moment. I wanted to capture what the soul is trying to say. I hired a branding company to help me. Their name is Brazen, they did an awesome job. I got stuck with this idea of “soul speak” and started discussing it with my branding company. After many weeks of looking at dictionaries, thesauruses, brain mapping, brain storms, calling people we came up with the name Soul Echo Studios. Here is the new logo:

This has been a long, hard journey. I pray the company will be as blessed (or more blessed) as it was with the previous name. Thank you to all my past clients for your support and thank you to all the new clients to come.

Love to all,


On Friday I received notification that this image won 13th place internationally on the Wedding Photjournalist Association contest. It was a totally random moment of one of the groomsmen jumping in the air. Weddings are full of unexpected moments that are usually more worthy of photographing than all of the set up ones. Those are the priceless moments that cannot be recreated. I did not set up this shot. We were all just walking towards the water to do some portraits, when I looked back and saw awesome lighting, everyone giggling and having fun. I observed the interactions going on and I anticipated that something was about to happen. Being ready for priceless moments is what has helped me stand out from competition.

I just got word that one of my recent images won 11th place worldwide in the Wedding Photojournalist Association quarterly contest. This image of Amanda Jimenez dancing with her brother broke my heart and I am so happy it won. A big thanks to Amanda and Andrew for letting me be part of their day. This is the fifth award I have received from the WPJA.