1,000 cameras at weddings

Many of you probably know of the popular wedding blog “Offbeat Bride”. I just read an article that I had to link to since it is sooooooo true. Check it out here: off beat bride article.

In my experience, phone cameras and point and shoots are more and more the norm at a wedding. People enjoy a wedding in different ways and technology has become a part of everyone’s daily lives. This of course is totally cool if that is the experience you want. There are however some moments that can be difficult for a photographer to capture with this new phenom. Moments like the bride walking down the aisle are now almost impossible to capture without a hundred arms sticking out of the sides to take a phone picture. I do my best to avoid images of guests with cameras since I don’t think the brides and grooms necessarily want to see all their guests using their devices. This article brought up some new thoughts regarding this topic which is that maybe, if everyone just put their phones down, they would be more “present” at the wedding. Interesting read.

Its OK to post, really.

Dear readers of my blog and Facebook page. I value you and love you, but have noticed that many (many, many) of you read the blog and lurk in the shadows without ever posting. According to my Google stats there are about 750 readers of this blog monthly. I think that number is fantastic and makes me happy, but I wish more of you would comment. I would love for this to be more of a dialogue.

You do NOT have to know the brides and grooms for you to comment. Recently a reader of the blog (a bride) told me that she doesn’t comment because she doesn’t know these people. Its okay. If you are looking at the blog, even if its your first time here, feel free to comment. If you like the pictures from someone else’s wedding, tell them something, or tell me something. Wouldn’t that be more fun? I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? You comment on some other bride’s blog post, “I love your dress!” and she is going to be like, “who is this crazy person telling me my dress is beautiful? Who does she think she is?” I don’t think so.

So if you are reading silently, thank you so much. You are loved. I invite you to comment.