Do you take family portraits or posed portraits at all or is it all candid?

I do my best to capture moments uninterrupted during most of the day but there are times where you will want me to guide you. I take family portraits at every wedding and pose them in a friendly, non-authoritative way. Documenting those closest to you is one of my priorities. I also take modern portraits of you (the couple) in a way that is guided but doesn’t feel stiff or unnatural. I want you to enjoy the portrait time, feel beautiful and go back to your loved ones as soon as possible so we can go back to doing candids. I do not believe your day should feel like a photo shoot. It should feel like you are spending maximum time with your loved ones.

Do you edit all the pictures?

I pride myself in the final product. Capturing the moment is the first step but post processing the images is a necessary art. I adjust every single image. The album images receive even more TLC.

Do I get my high resolution images on a CD?

Yes. You will get all of your color corrected images on a DVD after your wedding.

Can I print from the DVD or is it protected?

You can print from the DVD. I also offer professional prints so you can have gorgeous prints that are totally retouched and printed on archival quality paper.

How do your prices compare to other photographers?

Our pricing is based on the service that we offer and on our experience and talent level. You will find many new photographers charging below market value and others that are higher. We cater to brides and grooms that value photography as a priority.

Have you shot at my location before?

Shooting at new places forces me to be creative. I love the excitement a new location brings. I’ve shot at hundreds of places, but if I haven’t shot at your particular location then you should feel confident that I’m prepared to shoot anywhere.

Is the assistant a second photographer?

No. The assistant will take pictures for part of the night as needed but we do not split up to different locations. You should feel confident that all of the needed angles are being covered by me and my assistant. A second photographer would be recommended if you have a very large wedding (over 225 guests) or events happening at multiple places (cocktail hour is not one of those events).