Tommy and Kristin – Rock the Dress

This may be a long blog post…Let me start of with one image so you will stick around for the read.

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I loooove trash the dress sessions. It’s a passion. I’ve been doing them since about 2007. It allows so much creativity and freedom to explore cool portrait ideas in a way that you could never do on the wedding day. That being said I recently read an article on a blog that has sort of changed my opinion on this movement. The article is from the popular blog, “The Offbeat Bride”. It’s an older article which I found while looking for fun ideas. You can read it here: Article

The writer makes the point that the trash the dress movement celebrates excess, where the bride is almost making a statement of “look at me destroy this $xxxx dress because I can!”, and then explains how these dresses could have been donated to charities or sold instead of being destroyed. Its not often that I am left in deep thought after reading a blog post but this one had me really soul searching.

“My brides aren’t destroying their dresses, we are making art!”, I thought to myself. I am not setting dresses on fire or shooting paint balls at them like other people do, we are just putting them in the ocean or around the streets. Not one of my brides’ dresses has been destroyed, but the writer still has a very valid point. I am calling the session a TRASH the dress session. Regardless of whether we destroy the dresses or not, the wording implies that a $xxxx dress = trash. That is the epitome of excess and I don’t want to be a part of it.

Thank you Offbeat Bride for making me take a look at myself and question why I do what I do. From now on I will call these sessions by the alternate name of Rock the Dress. I think that is more applicable and less wasteful-sounding. I am committed to doing some awesome artwork with these sessions but doing them in a way that is not wasteful or indulgent. Also, for all the brides reading this, I want you to know that there are charities you can donate your dress to after your wedding. There is an organization dedicated to raising money for breast cancer you can give your dress to here: Brides against breast cancer

So onto Kristin and Tommy. As some of you know, I have a BFA degree in motion picture film-making and I get a lot of my photography inspiration from movies. My passion is capturing moments as they happen but we are doing portraits where there is an opportunity for something outside the box, I like to look at movies for inspiration on lighting, mood, scenery and ideas. There is this old church in downtown Miami that has this cross on the steeple and I look at it often and when I see it, I picture Batman with his flowing cape against the night standing near it and watching over Gotham city. Yes, I’m a dork and I used to read comic books but I also love the Batman movies. Anyways, I then thought to myself, what if instead of Batman, we insert a bride with a long flowing white dress? YES! And insert a groom with bride! Awesome. Oh, and instead of Gotham City we’ll just do it in Miami.

I have had that thought swimming in my head for the past couple of years waiting for the right couple. Today was this day…

We then moved inside for some other cool portraits.

Kristin and Tommy, thank you for fulfilling my secret Batman fantasy and I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking them. Lots of love to you both.

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  1. Gorgeous couple and amazing pictures. Alex you truly have a talent. It makes me excited for our wedding.

  2. Alex: as always- stunning! Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Thank you for capturing us in such a creative way! The shoot definetly displays the true us! We love the name “Rock the Dress!” It more clearly explains the angle of how you shoot this type of session. Just fantastic! Thank you again Alex.

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