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   1.  1,000 cameras at weddings
   2.  2 awards for Miami Wedding Photography
   3.  A Prom to Remember – charity event
   4.  A wedding at the Addison in Boca Raton, Florida – Sarah and Frank
   5.  Addison wedding in Boca Raton – Nicole and Adam
   6.  Adriana & Nathan – Engagement
   7.  Adriana and Nathan – Nicaragua Rock the dress
   8.  Adriana and Nathan – Nicaragua Wedding
   9.  Alysia and David – Coconut Grove engagement
   10.  Alysia and David – Wedding at the Sofitel in Miami, Florida
   11.  Amanda & Andrew – wedding
   12.  Amanda and Joseph – Engagement session in Fort Lauderdale Beach
   13.  Amelia Island Destination Wedding – Maribel and Philip
   14.  An Irish Wedding in Miami
   15.  Ana and Rees – wedding
   16.  and now for something different – wedding portraits at the Viceroy in Miami
   17.  Aneesa and Reyaad – Muslim wedding in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
   18.  Anjali and Mayoor – Indian wedding at the Trump International, Miami Beach
   19.  Anna and Chris – Wedding at the Pelican Grand in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
   20.  Asal and Michael – Engagement in Riverfront, Fort Lauderdale
   21.  Ashley & Tyler – engagement
   22.  Ashley and Tyler – Wedding
   23.  Aurélia & Marcus – Engagement
   24.  Aurélia and Marcus – Rock the dress
   25.  Aurélia and Marcus – Wedding
   26.  award winning image at WPPI
   27.  Barbie and Wayne
   28.  Barbie and Wayne- Wedding
   29.  Beautiful Jewish wedding at Turnberry, Aventura
   30.  Best of 2011 weddings – End of year Re-cap
   31.  Biltmore Wedding in Coral Gables – Danielle and Eq
   32.  Biltmore Wedding Photography – Laura and Ryan
   33.  Biltmore wedding pictures for Grace and JT
   34.  Boca Raton Wedding – Betsi and Geoff
   35.  Boca Raton Wedding at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church – Kristen and Greg
   36.  Boca Raton Wedding at the Addison – Mallerie and Thomas
   37.  Boca Raton wedding at the Addison – Jessica and Justin
   38.  Boca Raton Wedding – Theresa and Marc
   39.  Caleb @ 4.5 months
   40.  Candidly Elegant is now Soul Echo Studios – name change
   41.  Cecilia and Mo – SURPRISE WEDDING
   42.  Christ Fellowship: Night of Worship
   43.  Christina and Donald (part 1)- Intimate wedding at the Addison, Boca Raton, FL
   44.  Christina and Donald – Wedding part 2 (the house party)
   45.  Christine and Matt – Engagement in Coconut Grove, Miami
   46.  Christine and Matt – wedding in Deering Estate, Palmetto Bay Miami
   47.  Coconut Grove engagement session – Melissa and Joe
   48.  Coral Gables Country Club wedding – Annica and Omar
   49.  Coral Gables Engagement Photography – Stephanie and Rafael
   50.  Coral Gables Museum Wedding – Diandra and Julian
   51.  Dalie & Mike
   52.  Dalie & Mike – Wedding
   53.  Daniela and Ahmed’s wedding
   54.  Deering Estate – Theresa and Marc Engagement
   55.  Deering Estate Wedding in Miami – Cecilia and Adrian
   56.  Deering Estate Wedding in Miami, Florida
   57.  Deering Estate Wedding Photography in Miami- Melissa and Nathaniel
   58.  Deering Estate Wedding, Miami, Florida – Teresa and Scott
   59.  Destination wedding in Nicaragua published
   60.  Doni and Mike – Engagement
   61.  Doni and Mike – Wedding
   62.  Drew’s Bar Mitzvah
   63.  Elana and Adam – Engagement in Riverfront, Fort Lauderdale
   64.  Elana and Adam – Wedding at The Addison, Boca Raton, Florida
   65.  Elizabeth & Nate
   66.  Elizabeth and Alex – Engagement
   67.  Elizabeth and Nate’s Wedding
   68.  Engagement Photography Miami – City versus Country
   69.  Engagement session at bar and park – Nikki and Humbi
   70.  Engagement session at Bayside Miami- Stephanie and Javier
   71.  engagement session at Bill Baggs, Key Biscayne – Amanda & Ryan
   72.  Engagement session in Coconut Grove, Florida – Martine and Pierre
   73.  Engagement session in Downtown Miami and Bayside – Julie and Charles
   74.  Engagement session in movie theater – Janette and Danilo
   75.  Engagement session in the Design District in Miami – Danerys and Ozzy
   76.  Engagement Wedding Pictures at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami – Karyn and Iker
   77.  Erin and Gavin’s Wedding
   78.  Estancia Culinaria Wedding – Luciana and Matt
   79.  Film Noir Engagement – Natalie and Manny
   80.  Fort Lauderdale engagement – Kristin and Jack
   81.  Ft. Lauderdale engagement – Meagan and Dennis
   82.  Gigi and Antony – Engagement
   83.  Gigi and Antony – Wedding
   84.  Giselle
   85.  Gothic Wedding at the Addison in Boca Raton – Alexis and Jeremiah
   86.  Grace is here!
   87.  Heather and Luis – Engagement
   88.  Heather and Luis – Wedding
   89.  Helen and Louis – Wedding
   90.  Homestead Wedding at Red Koi Gardens – Cristina and Darwin
   91.  Ileana and Charlie – Wedding at Douglas Entrance in Coral Gables, Miami
   92.  International awards for wedding photojournalism
   93.  Intimate wedding at the Addison in Boca Raton – Kristin and Cristiano
   94.  Irma and Alex – engagement session in South Beach Miami
   95.  Irma and Alex – Wedding at The Hilton Beach Resort in Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale
   96.  Its OK to post, really.
   97.  Ivelys & Adrian – Engagement in Coconut Grove, Miami
   98.  Ivelys and Adrian – Wedding at the Intercontinental Hotel, Downtown Miami
   99.  Jade & Tony’s Engagement
   100.  Jade and Tony Wedding

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